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Nizam Matches are successful manufacturers of Safety Matches in India. In a competitive world of match production, Nizam Matches are known for manufacturing superior quality safety matches at reasonable pricing.

We have earned a remarkable position in the domestic as well as in the international market. Our Zealous efforts and services have created a positive image in the eyes of our customers.

We ensure that the products are having higher efficiency in terms of their performance. We firmly believe that our customers are the first assets which aid our growth.

With a humble beginning in 1962, We Nizam Matches Group of Companies are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of premium quality safety matches, founded by Mr.S.H.Nizamuddin and Mr. S.N.Mohideen, who possesses a tremendous experience of more than 50 years in the allied industry.

Our products are checked at every level of production as well as in the post- production phase. The tests seek to take on board every factor functionality, endurance etc-- that sums up to quality.

We conduct quality control checks at all stages of production so that any minor defect is removed at the earliest stage. We have appointed quality control analysts to check the quality of our matches. Our analysts constantly supervise the operation and visually inspect the product at all stages to ensure their quality.

Why us
Impeccable Quality
Experienced Workforce
Timely Completion of work
Length of sticks
Strength of the sticks
Easy Lighting

We, Nizam Matches offer Safety Matches, Veneers Matches, Cardboard Matches, Wax Matches, Kitchen Matches, Barbecue Matches, Promotional Matches, Book Matches, etc. in superior quality. The match sticks are featured with single strike ignition and uniformity of flame.

The chemicals for the match head are weighed and measured precisely to avoid any variation in the head composition that might affect performance.

Our products are synonymous with quality, innovation and value. We are specialized in supplying quality products at competitive rates, faster deliveries and with a personal touch.

An advanced infrastructure is one of our greatest strengths. It helps in facilitating the manufacturing process smoothly. Our manufacturing facility enables us to customize our products as per the clients' specific requirements.

Nizam Matches Group of Companies
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Mariam Matches
Syed Exports
Syed Match Industries
United Trading Company
Bharath Match Works
Bright Packaging

Management Team
Mr. H.N. Mohamed Sali                    Chairman
Mr. H.N. Syed Ahmed                      CEO
Mr. H.N. Jaffar Ali                          Director

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